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Our core mission is to provide you with the ultimate biking experience in Korea. As the leading bike rental service in Seoul, we proudly maintain the largest selection of bikes in stock, ensuring we can meet all your preferences, whether you’re an individual rider or part of a group. Our diverse bike range includes hybrids, mountain bikes (MTB), road bikes, high-end carbon models, and the latest e-bikes.

Recognizing that our customers have distinct needs and schedules, we’ve designed our services to make your biking adventures seamless. We offer bike delivery and pickup services at locations of your choice anywhere in Korea. Our dedicated staff shares your passion for biking and is well-versed in the logistics of seamlessly integrating biking into your travel plans.

Moreover, we provide secure luggage storage at our shop, allowing you to explore the area on two wheels without any hassles. If you’re setting out from Incheon, a popular starting point for the iconic Seoul to Busan ride, we can arrange bikes for you and your companions. And should you ever need a ride back without cycling, we’re more than happy to schedule a pickup from anywhere in Korea.

For those who bring their own bikes and don’t require rentals, that’s absolutely fine too. We’re here to cater to all your biking needs. We’re a friendly team deeply passionate about cycling and dedicated to ensuring you savor the beauty of biking in Korea. Reach out to us 24/7 through WhatsApp and Kakao for any support you may require.

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During weekends, you have the perfect opportunity to easily include your bike in your travels using the subway. Just remember to select the first or last train car for your convenience!

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We have 150 rental bikes for all sizes and styles. At the pickup, we make sure everyone is fitted and perform 25 safety checkpoints

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Decide where you’d like to collect your bike: either at our shop or have it conveniently delivered to your chosen location. Share your preference using our user-friendly online reservation system.

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At every milestone bike stop, you’ll receive a stamp as proof of your visit

Choosing the right rental bikes and the Rental Rates

For riders looking for more proper bikes such as gravel, road, and hybrid bikes, we (Korea Seoul Bike Rental) offers a competitive daily rental rate of $25 for all sizes and types. If you’re planning a day comfortable ride along Han River, then our road bikes are the best rental choices. The bike path is well paved and you will have a blasting day with road bikes. If you’re a explorer and looking for adventure or cross-country rides, then renting gravel bikes is highly recommended as the tires are more adequate for occasional rough road conditions in some rural parts of Korea. In fact, with Gravel bikes, you can enjoy the speed, stability, and can load some loads in the rear rack. E-bikes are another popular choice for cross-country rides, but renting an extra battery will not only increase the distance, but will ensure the peace of mind. You just have to charge them at your break or over night so then before your start of ride, all two batteries are fully charged. A fully charged battery and moderate loads, and assisted pedaling should you give you anywhere 60-80km distance.

Bike TypesDaily RatesRecommended
Road Bikes$27Road bikes are designed for smooth, paved surfaces. Tire widths for road bikes typically range from 23mm to 28mm. The narrow tires on road bikes reduce rolling resistance and maximize speed on well-maintained roads.
Gravel Bikes$27Gravel bikes are versatile and can handle a variety of terrains, such as gravel roads, dirt paths, and rougher surfaces. Tire widths for gravel bikes generally start at 32mm and can go up to 45mm or wider. The wider tires on gravel bikes provide stability and improved traction on uneven or loose surfaces.
E-Bikes$45Our E-bikes come in various styles, including commuter e-bikes, and touring e-bikes, each with specific tire requirements. Tire sizes for e-bikes vary widely depending on the type and intended use. E-bikes may have wider, knobby tires (around 2.3 to 2.8 inches) for off-road terrain, while commuter e-bikes may have tires similar to road or city bikes.
Mountain Bikes (MTB)$27Mountain bikes are designed for off-road and rugged terrain. Tire widths for MTBs vary widely, depending on the type of riding they’re intended for. Common tire widths range from 2.0 inches to 2.8 inches or more. MTB tires often feature deep treads and robust construction to handle rough trails, rocks, and other challenging conditions.
Hybrid Bikes$27Hybrid bikes are versatile and well-suited for a range of riding scenarios, from casual commutes to recreational cycling. In contrast, road bikes are optimized for speed on smooth, paved roads, while gravel bikes excel in off-road and mixed-terrain adventures.
Vintage Bikes$40These vintage bikes are not intended for riding; they are typically rented for use in movie shoots or for Instagram photo opportunities.
Table1: Bike types and the daily rental rates in “Korea Seoul Bike Rental”

Safety and Accessories Rental

Korea Seoul Bike Rental also offers following safety gears that are necessary to your exploration at nominal fees. At nominal one-time fees, all safety and accessories are included as followings:

  • $10 one-time fee includes: helmet, head / rear lights, water bottle cage, phone holder
  • $35 one-time fee includes: Rear rack and paneer travel bags for cross-country exploration

Fees for delivery and pickup

Delivery or Return LocationsFees
Within 10KM from Itaewon shop including Yongsan, Jongro, Dongdaemun, Shinchon, Mapo$50 (up to 2 bikes). Additional bikes can be delivered or picked up at $10 per bike. No Passengers allowed.
Within 10-15KM from Itaewon shop including Yoido, Youngdeungpo, Samsung station, Jamsil statation, Songpa-Ku, Kimpo$60 (up to 2 bikes). Additional bikes can be delivered or picked up at $10 per bike. No Passengers allowed.
ARA Gateway, Incheon$100 (up to 2 bikes and 2 passengers).
Daegu, Chungju$80 (up to 2 bikes included). No Passengers allowed. Extra bikes can be added at $30 per bike.
Busan$100 (up to 2 bikes included). No Passengers allowed. Extra bikes can be added at $40 per bike.
Fees for delivery

Rental Agreements and Safety Checks

At the time of renting bikes, you will have an opportunity of inspecting bikes and given a training of manipulating all equipment attached to the rental bikes A waiver form must be signed at the time of rental.

Making an online reservation and payment

Renting bike from us is easy and please review on how to rent from us

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