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Seoul-to-Busan Exploration with eBikes and Extended Battery Power: Easy Travel, More Time to Explore! Enjoy the effortless journey from Seoul to Busan with eBikes, offering extended battery power for a smooth ride. With the convenience of eBikes, you’ll have more time to explore scenic viewpoints, savor local cuisine, and create unforgettable memories along the way.

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Our eBike lineup from Altonsports, a renowned brand, ensures a journey filled with reliability and quality. With a proven track record of serving hundreds of road trips between Seoul to Busan, these eBikes guarantee an unforgettable experience. Spend more time sightseeing and less time pedaling with Altonsports eBikes, minimizing sweat and maximizing enjoyment along your journey.

Expand Your Exploration with Extended Battery Power!

The range a single charge can cover varies from 60km to 80km, depending on factors such as terrain, pedal assistance, and rider weight.

For those planning extended cross-country tours, we highly recommend considering the two-battery option. This not only extends your riding distance but also provides added peace of mind throughout your journey.

To ensure optimal battery performance, we recommend recharging when the battery level drops to around 20%. Our batteries and chargers come equipped with over-charge protection features, and we strongly advise against using other chargers to maintain the safety and integrity of your e-bike’s power supply.

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